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Examples of Calorie Labels

The non-alcoholic beverage companies have made a voluntary commitment to join the national initiative to make the number of calories in their products even more clean and consumer-friendly. By creating a consistent label standard the non-alcoholic beverage companies are putting calorie information at consumers’ fingertips at every point of purchase.

The Labeling Commitment

The beverage companies have pledged to display calorie counts in the following way:

  1. Product Labels: Total calorie counts on the front of all containers up to and including 20 fluid ounces; containers larger than 20 fluid ounces will be labeled per 12 fluid ounce serving for all beverages except 100% juices and juice beverages (per FDA request) which will be labeled per 8 fluid ounce serving size.
  2. Company-controlled Vending Machines: Total calorie counts per container displayed on selection buttons (or when infeasible, in close proximity to the specific selection).
  3. Company-controlled Fountain Equipment: Calorie counts displayed prominently.

Calorie Label Design and Placement

To meet the objectives of this initiative, the beverage companies agreed to use a uniform calorie label, consistent in both design and location. Multiple rounds of consumer research were fielded to measure noticeability and ease-of-understanding of various design concepts.